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Lawn Mowing

What's included
in our service?

Our lawn mowing service includes cutting the grass, trimming the edges and if needed, removing the grass clippings from your property. We use commercial grade equipment such us Stihl push and ride on mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers. Stihl in Frankton do a fantastic job at servicing our equipment so you can be assured that we have the best equipment to take care of your yard and lawns. 

How often do we mow?

We offer a weekly or fortnightly service. It is important that your lawns are cut frequently. Mowing regularly will keep your lawn healthy and property looking great.

Hedge Trimming

Professionally trimmed shrubs and hedges can make a beautiful and complete landscape. Regularly trimming and shaping hedges, bushes and shrubs in your garden provides excellent privacy for your property and are the finishing touch to a yard.


We can provide regular hedge trimming as part of your property maintenance or we can offer a one-off trimming and pruning service. With compact and extension hedge trimmers in our arsenal, we will keep your hedges, bushes and shrubs looking great and tailored to your needs.

If you want your hedges and shrubs looking great, let us take care of them for you.

Garden Maintenance

Well maintained gardens are an important feature of any landscape. Our team can maintain your gardens as part of your property maintenance to keep weeds away through weeding and weed spraying, bushes and shrubs trimmed and pruned and ensure your plants are looking their best,


Garden maintenance can be included on top of your lawn serivce. Our team can look after all of your gardening and ensure that your lawns and gardens get exactly what they need to be healthy and looking their best.  Here are just some of the gardening services that we can offer:



Weed Spraying


Yard Clean Up

Leaf Removal


Do you have a landscaping project to complete at your property? Maybe you've just moved into a new property and need a lawn, gardens, planting and walkways or perhaps you have an idea to freshen up your yard and give it a new look. Our landscaping team are here to help. Here are just some of the landscape services that we can offer:

Lawn Prep and Install


Pavers and Walkways

Garden Install

Garden Edging


Section Clearing

Do you have an area of your property or section that has become overgrown and needs to be cleared? If it is bushes, shrubs, trees, gorse, broom, overgrown grass and weeds or just a difficult embankment that needs regular weed eating, our brushcutters and line-trimmers and ride on mower have got what it takes to get the job done and clear any section.

Once the area is clear, we can then assist you with regular maintenance of weed eating/weed whacking or ride on mowing to help you stay on top of the growth or to help turn it into the landscape you want on your property.

Section clearing and clean-ups can be a big job, but are very rewarding once you see the final product. Don't let the overgrowth take over your property or section. The team at Shotover Mowing can clear that overgrown section for you.

Leaf Removal

Have the autumn leaves begun to take over your property? Leaves that build up on your lawn can damage your grass if left too long. We offer a leaf clean-up service and can help keep your lawns, gardens and landscapes looking great throughout winter.

When removing leaves from your property this is also a great time to clean up the rest of your garden. Our team can help to clean-up your property in preparation for winter by tidying garden beds, trimming plants and hedges and giving your lawn a final mow to leave your property looking sharp. 

Garden Mulch

Are your gardens missing a finishing touch? Adding fresh bark, mulch or wood chips to garden beds or planted areas is a great way to enhance the features of your garden. 

Adding mulch and bark also provides a quick and low maintenance fix to areas of your garden which need a tidy. Fresh mulch helps to suppress weed growth and retains moisture which is exactly what your trees and plants need to stay looking healthy and keep your garden looking great!

Here are just some of the options that we can add to your garden:


Wood chips



Are you in need of a fence at your property? If its a new property or a small renovation, our team are here to help with your fencing needs. 

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