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We are a professional Queenstown landscaping business that are dedicated to providing high quality residential and commercial landscaping and property maintenance services. As a locally owned and operated business, we know how busy Queenstown life can be. That is why we believe in delivering a quality service that keeps your lawns looking great without you needing to do a thing.
We have an extensive range of gardening and landscaping services, we don't only cut grass for our customers. We can trim hedges, shape trees and shrubs, provide lawn care, remove weeds, install mulch in garden beds, help with your next landscaping project, clean up the autumn leaves and more. See all of our services.

About Us

Our Customers

From regular contact with our customers, we know that what is most important in a local landscaping business is quality of service and great communication. That is why we put these values at the heart of what we do for our customers.

There is so much more to our business than just cutting grass. Do you require landscape maintenance, hedge trimming and gardening services? How frequently does your property need to be serviced? Do you prefer the grass to be removed or mulched? The list goes on. We know that our customers needs are different, that is why we can work with you to make sure we deliver the quality of service that you require.

At Shotover Mowing, we encourage our customers to come to us with any property maintenance, gardening and landscaping needs. Communication is everything in our business. If you have aby questions or want to give us feedback about our service, we're always happy to hear from you!

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