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Shotover Mowing is your local, Queenstown hydroseeder, fully equipped to help you with your new lawn.

Hydroseed is a spray-on product that is produced by applying a comprehensive mixture of mulch, grass seed, fertilizer, a tackifier as a sticking agent and a temporary dye. This approach aids optimal coverage and density for your lawn.

Hydroseeding is a cost effective way to cover small or large areas quickly. The blend of mulch aids in water retention to help the grass grow as quickly as possible in our hot Queenstown climate. Hydroseed is hard-wearing and easy care. 

Hydroseed grows in quickly and you should expect a lush green lawn in 4-6 weeks. 

Let Shotover Mowing help you with your next grass seeding project in Queenstown this summer.

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Hydroseed Aftercare





It is important to maintain constant moisture for your lawn's success. Initially, sprinkle morning and night. As the mulch retains moisture, often the lawns require less water than needed. It is best to water enough to provide adequate moisture, but stop well before any puddling.

The first few weeks are critical; avoid letting seedlings dry out to prevent poor germination and a patchy lawn. Consistent watering is  essential for a vibrant green appearance. 


It is best to let your lawn grow in for approx. 5-6 weeks before mowing. This allows for the roots to properly grow in before any disturbance. 

For the first few cuts, mow your lawn with a catcher and at a higher setting and ideally mow weekly to strengthen grass blades and foster robust root growth.

It is important to avoid cuttinf the lawn too short as this can damage the grass. It is best to cut less off the lawn, but more frequently cutting.


Our hydroseed blend includes fertislier, which aids in the initial growth of the lawn and helps promote a lush green color during the initial growth phase. To maintain a healthy lush lawn, it is recommended to apply a fertiliser on a regular basis over the growing months in Queenstown.


Weeds are unavoidable in lawns, often introduced by wind, bird droppings, or topsoil. A well-watered and fertilized lawn fosters healthy grass, minimizing weed establishment. Early-stage weeds can be manually removed, while established lawns benefit from selective herbicides. 

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