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Lawn Prep & Installation

Lawn Prep

Is your property in need or a new lawn? We install turf solutions in the Wakatipu Region. We will prepare your site and install your preferred choice of ready lawn or grass seed.

It is important to properly prepare the site for turf to ensure that you get the best result possible. Site prep requirements will vary, but can include cultivating, fertilising, removing unwanted debris and stones, adding fresh soiling, levelling the site and irrigation, if needed.

We can turn your bare yard, into a lush green lawn.


Hydroseeding - We can provide hydroseeding as part of our lawn installation. Hydroseeding is a great way to get the lawn you want at a cost effective rate, we can organise and manage the seeding process for you. After seeding, you will need water the lawn regularly, This will require light watering twice per day and you should see seed germination and after approximately 4-6 weeks, you will have a well established lawn.

Ready Lawn - Instant lawn can be slightly more expensive, however providers a superior product of which you can see the results instantly. The reason ready lawn is so lush from the day it is installed is because it has be sown, fertilised and maintained for up to a year prior to it being installed at your property, The product is hard wearing and will stand up to our often harsh central otago conditions. Additionally, Instant lawn can be installed anytime of the year.

Our Process

Contact us and we can discuss the site that you would like to turf and your options that get the lawn that you want. After speaking with you, we will visit the site in order to provide you with a quote. 

Contact Brendon today on 027 463 5453 or at

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